Welcome to the Australian & New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching (ANZCCART).

ANZCCART is located in both Australia and New Zealand.  Our websites contain information for animal carers, animal ethics committee members, scientists as well as other interested parties.

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Through these websites, we hope to further the primary goals of ANZCCART which include promoting the responsible use of animals in research and teaching, and informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters.  When viewing our websites please be mindful that legislation and some animal welfare information will differ between our countries.

In line with ANZCCART’s long-standing policy of promoting the highest professional standards when it comes to research that involves the use of animals, at the 2017 December Meeting the ANZCCART Board formally endorsed both the ARRIVE and the PREPARE Guidelines.

Upcoming events

Be Open About Animal Research Day 2023

The European Animal Research Association will be running its annual 24-hour global social media initiative to promote greater openness in animal research and teaching on Thursday June 15 this year.

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2023 ANZCCART Conference

The 2023 ANZCCART Conference will be held in Adelaide, South Australia, from Tuesday 8th to Thursday 10th August. 

Registrations are now open.

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ComPass animal welfare training

This free online course covers the Australian Code and NZ Guide and welfare issues relating to animal use in research and teaching

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