Honorary Life Membership

Honorary Life Membership of ANZCCART is regarded as the ultimate recognition of outstanding service to ANZCCART over a number of years.

The process for nomination of candidates for this award is open to all.  Nominations will be considered by the Board of ANZCCART based on the nominee's services to ANZCCART and the wider animal welfare community in line with the stated goals of ANZCCART. Recommendations from the Board will then be put to the next ANZCCART Annual General Meeting of members for ratification of the award.

  • Award recipients

    • 2010  Professor Margaret Rose AM
    • 2010  Professor Warwick Anderson
    • 2011  Mrs Elizabeth Grant
    • 2011  Professor David Mellor
    • 2011  Dr A C David Bayvel (Dec)
    • 2012  Mr John Strachan
    • 2012  Dr Michael Rickard

AEC Member of the Year Award

This award has been created by ANZCCART to recognise the excellent service offered to Animal Ethics Committees by their members throughout Australia and New Zealand. As part of this award, ANZCCART will provide an all expenses paid trip for the recipient to the annual ANZCCART Conference.

View details of the award including the eligibility criteria.

  • Award recipients

    • 2009  Mrs Kay McGrath
    • 2010  Ms Patricia Baitz
    • 2011  Mr Desmond Boyland
    • 2012  Mr Michael Zampogna
    • 2013  Ms Robyn Sullivan
    • 2014  Ms Ann Rhodes
    • 2014  Dr Dave Marshall
    • 2015  Dr Ross Matthews
    • 2016  Mr Peter Maley
    • 2017  Mr Robert Beattie
    • 2017  Ms Miralie Thomas Vincent (NZ)
    • 2018  Mr Leigh Taylor
    • 2018  Dr Deborah Samson and Dr Dave Morgan (NZ)
    • 2019  Mr Morgan McBride
    • 2020  Mr Manfred Heide
    • 2020  Ms Ali Cullum and Professor Anthony Phillips (NZ)