• A brief history

    The Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching Ltd (ANZCCART) was established in 1987 in response to particular concerns in both the wider and scientific communities about the use of animals in research and teaching. It also recognised the need to address, in a balanced and considered way, the distinctive scientific, ethical, and social issues associated with the use of animals for scientific purposes.

    ANZCCART's principle sponsors in Australia are the Australian Research Council (ARC), Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), the Royal Society Te Apārangi (RS) and Universities Australia (UA). State and Territory Government Departments responsible for the management of animal welfare legislation are also members. ANZCCART receives annual contributions from a number of professional biomedical societies.

  • Role

    ANZCCART's main role is to provide leadership in developing community consensus on ethical, social and scientific issues relating to the use and wellbeing of animals in research and teaching.

  • Objectives

    ANZCCART's objectives are to promote:

    • excellence in the care of animals supplied for or used in research and teaching;
    • responsible scientific use of animals;
    • the 3Rs policy of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement as they apply to the use of animals for scientific purposes;
    • informed discussion and debate within the community regarding these matters; and
    • strategic partnerships to contribute to the education and training of scientists, students and the broader community.

    As an independent body that consults widely, ANZCCART provides well-researched and objective information that helps to ensure that research and teaching using animals is conducted in a careful, considered and humane way.

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  • Membership

    ANZCCART has several categories of membership:

    • Sponsoring Members are major financial contributors and are represented on the Board of Directors.
      Currently, these are:
    • General Members are groups, associations or authorities, including Australian State, Territory and Commonwealth Government and New Zealand Government Departments, which are involved in the administration and funding; regulation; use and supply, and welfare of animals that are necessary for research and teaching purposes.
    • Lay and Animal Welfare Members are individuals that represent the interests of the community and animal welfare organisations.
    • Honorary Life Members.
    • General, Lay and Animal Welfare Members are invited by the Board to join ANZCCART. All members are represented on the ANZCCART Council.

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  • Publications and conferences

    ANZCCART's newsletter, ANZCCART News, is published three times per year and is distributed free to over 1,000 individuals and organisations. ANZCCART also publishes free Fact Sheets that are designed to assist researchers and teachers by providing concise and practical information on a wide variety of subjects. In addition, ANZCCART offers a growing collection of comprehensive and affordable texts that have particular relevance for teachers and researchers in Australia and New Zealand. Workshops and symposia on topical issues and designed to meet local needs are also held yearly in a variety of locations. A major undertaking of ANZCCART is the Annual Conference, with the venue alternating between Australia and New Zealand.

    A notable feature of ANZCCART Conferences is the wide audience they attract. Conference delegates include: researchers, teachers and students whose work or study involves the use and supply of animals for scientific purposes; staff who maintain and supervise animal breeding and holding facilities; individuals with responsibility for making decisions concerning animal ethics and welfare, including members of Animal Ethics Committees; administrators and government officials involved in developing and enforcing animal welfare policy and legislation; members of the public with an interest in animal ethics and welfare, and representatives of animal welfare organisations.

    This diverse meeting ground fosters open and respectful discussion between delegates who may hold differing view points on a wide range of animal use-related subjects.

    This dialogue:

    • to a stable reseasrch environment where these differing views and opinions are understood and respected;
    • provides an excellent learning opportunity for delegates at both the lay and scientific level, and
    • ensures the advice ANZCCART provides is based on wide consultation.
  • Liaison

    An important component of ANZCCART's role is to liaise with professional societies and institutions in Australia, New Zealand and overseas, and to represent Australia and New Zealand in discussions on the issues relating to the use and supply of animals in research and teaching.

  • How can ANZCCART help you?

    By providing your contact details to ANZCCART on our mailing list form you will be placed on our notification list. Up -to-date information that fosters good practice and decision-making regarding the scientific use of animals will be distributed via this list. Electronic copies of the ANZCCART News, fact sheets and other publications will be sent to you periodically. Useful information about forthcoming workshops and conferences is also circulated.

  • Finding ANZCCART

    The ANZCCART Office is located on Ground Floor, G08, Hannaford Building, Waite Campus, Waite Road, Urrbrae, South Australia 5064.  Please enter via the door in the breezeway.