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This free online course covers the Australian Code and NZ Guide and welfare issues relating to animal use in research and teaching.  Successful completion of Phase one of the course and its quiz fulfills the mandated basic training needs of researchers and teachers using animals as well as members of Animal Ethics Committees (AEC) in Australia and NZ (except AEC members in Victoria who are required to complete the Animal Welfare Victoria training).

The aim is to standardize and augment the training offered for animal users in research and teaching throughout Australasia by offering this free online interactive and resource-rich course to all who need this training.

Attention All ComPass Phase 1 Core Module Users:

On July 7, 2021, the currently available Core modules were updated to add new NZ-relevant links and content as well as updating some of the broken Australian web links. This will mean that unfortunately you have now lost access to any unfinished work that you had already started in original Core Modules 1-7 prior to the update. Access to your certificate link for the completed Core Module 8 (quiz) should remain. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The stand-alone techniques modules in Phase 2 are not changed and access to partially-completed modules of Phase 2 remains intact. This notice applies only to the Core Modules 1-8.

Thank you for using ComPass. Here’s hoping that the NZ users are better served by these changes. Hearty thanks go to Dr Jodi Salinsky, AWO, University of Auckland, for her help in these NZ-focused upgrades!

We hope that this course proves to be a really useful addition for your training needs for both animal users and AEC members.

If you have technical issues please see our FAQs.  If these do not help, please email us at and we will respond as soon as possible.

David Mason and the ANZCCART Board, Gail Anderson, Chris Wadey and the ComPass team

ComPass Launch - Webinar Recording, 1 December 2020

ComPass Update - Webinar Recording, 9 November 2021