Vision and Mission Statement

ANZCCART's Vision:

To be the leading source of information and advice concerning the ethical, social, cultural and scientific use of animals in research and teaching.

Mission Statement:

ANZCCART’s corporate mission and objectives are to promote:

  1. Informed open discussion and debate within the community when considering ethical, social, cultural and scientific issues relating to the use of animals in research and teaching, by providing a neutral forum.
  2. Excellence in the use and welfare of animals supplied for or used in research and teaching.
  3. Responsible scientific use of animals.
  4. The 3Rs principle of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement as they apply to the use of animals for scientific purposes.
  5. Strategic partnerships to contribute to the education and training of scientists, students, animal care staff, members of Animal Ethics Committees, and the broader community.


ANZCCART seeks to achieve these objectives, first by providing an ongoing focus to the social, ethical, cultural and scientific issues involved, second by providing a forum for discussion of these issues and third by facilitating access to relevant specialist advice and resources. Further, through its publications and activities ANZCCART is a source of information for the general public about how animals are used in research and teaching in Australia and New Zealand.