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  • Volume 32, issue 1

    Inside this edition

    • Moral Status and Obligations to Animals in Research
    • Vale: Julia Nicholls
    • Sharing unused samples - the ethical way to study rare and endangered species?
    • 2019 ANZCCART Conference
    • News from New Zealand

    Recent articles of interest

    • Is it Time for Australia to be More Open About Research Involving Animals?
    • Funnel-web Spider Venom Found to Contain Potent Killer of Skin Cancer Cells
    • How to Fix the Sex Bias in Preclinical Research
    • Researchers Question Mirror Test  After Fish Show Surprising Cognitive Abilities

Previous editions of the ANZCCART News

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  • 2018: Volume 31, Issues 1-2

    Volume 31, Issue 1

    • Survey about the 3Rs in Australia
    • 2018 ANZCCART Conference and Call for Abstracts
    • Can Ethics Committees provide improved monitoring advice for wildlife?
    • ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award 2018

    Volume 31, Issue 2

    • Vale: John Schofield
    • 2018 ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award Recipients Honoured
    • ANZCCART 2018 Conference Review
    • 2018 ANZCCART (NZ) Animal Care Award Winners
  • 2017: Volume 30, Issues 1-3

    Volume 30, Issue 1

    • The 3Rs - Is it a question of perspective?
    • Changes in the ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award
    • ANZCCART Conference 2017 - Maintaining Social License in a Changing World

    Volume 30, Issue 2

    • Moves to Tighten Research Statistical Parameters and Their Potential Ramifications for Animal Use
    • ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Announced
    • In Search of a Category C (Animal Welfare) Member for Your AEC?
    • 2017 ANZCCART Conference in Review

    Volume 30, Issue 3

    • ANZCCART Formally  Endorses ARRIVE and PREPARE Guidelines
    • NHMRC publishes New Guidelines
  • 2016: Volume 29, Issues 1-3

    Volume 29, Issue 1

    • Warning about radio-collar design
    • Animal welfare as a socioscientific issue: Engaging adolescents in science
    • Amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal Act 1986 (Victoria)

    Volume 29, Issue 2

    • ANZCCART Guidelines for the Humane Killing of Cane Toads
    • Updated Principles and Guidelines for the Care and Use of Non-Human Primates
    • Victorian Animal Welfare Under Review
    • ANZCCART is on the move

    Volume 29, Issue 3

    • Animal Ethics Committees: The Missing 'W' Word
    • ANZCCART has moved
    • Vale
  • 2015: Volume 28, Issues 1-3

    Volume 28, Issue 1

    • Experimental Design: Balancing Statistics with Biology
    • Vale:- Dr Yvette Chen
    • Dr David Bayvel QSO

    Volume 28, Issue 2

    • Angus Campbell David Bayvel: An Honorary Life Member of ANZCCART
    • Pilot Study Design

    Volume 28, Issue 3

    • The Question of Enrichment
    • Research, testing and teaching amendments to New Zealand's animal welfare legislation
  • 2014: Volume 27, Issues 1-4

    Volume 27, Issue 1

    •  Seven Simple Tips for Improving Welfare in the Laboratory
    •  Animals in Teaching: the debate continues
    •  To train or not to train, that is the question! Should we formally train all AEC members?

    Volume 27, Issue 2

    • Ask a simple question
    • Animal Welfare Cuts Across the Board
    • Why undergraduate science students must undertake practical studies involving animals

    Volume 27, Issue 3

    • Plastic fantastic - tragic! A study of the use of plastic materials in birds' nests
    • Report on ANZCCART at Queenstown in 2014
    • Conversations to Improve Animal Welfare in Research and Teaching

    Volume 27, Issue 4

    • Protecting Australian native mammals in research and teaching
    • Testing drugs in animal models
    • Can we further refine humane killing with CO2
    • Science, society and the ethics of animal use
  • 2013: Volume 26, Issues 1-3 & ANZCCART News survey results 2013

    Volume 26, Issue 1

    • Is it finally time to do the maths?
    • Holisitic approaches to animals in teaching: who learns from whom?
    • ANZCCART NZ Board Member receives New Year Honour

    Volume 26, Issue 2

    • The New Code Has a New Name
    • Report on the ANZCCART Conference 2013
    • 2013 ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Named
    • Editorial: What if Extinction is not Forever?

    Volume 26, Issue 3

    • Animal Welfare Decision Faces Legal Challenge
    • Should undergraduate students be allowed to undertake laboratory and/or field studies involving animals?
    • Code Update
    • ANZCCART to establish a College of Experts
    • Nominations for Honorary Life membership of ANZCCART
    • ANZCCART News Reader Survey
  • 2012: Volume 25, Issues 1-4

    Volume 25, Issue 1

    • ANZCCART to mark its 25th Anniversary
    • Of mice and men - reflections on ANZCCART's role in the ethics of animal use
    • The Role of an AEC in 2012 - An exercise in Compliance or an Ethical Review

    Volume 25, Issue 2

    • Breathing through my nose
    • From the sheep paddock to a newborn baby's cot
    • Models, motor cars and noise: an alternative perspective on study design engineering for the use of experimental animals
    • Laboratory mice: are you getting more than you paid for?
    • Dairy fractions and their uses
    • Working with animals in New Zealand

    Volume 25, Issue 3

    • 2012 ANZCCART Conference
    • Lifelong Commitment to Animal Welfare Recognized by ANZCCART
    • 2012 ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Annuunced
    • Improving Animal Welfare in Agriculture and Primary Industries Teaching in NSW Schools
    • Otago Zebrafish Facility - Fishing for Answers

    Volume 25, Issue 4

    • ANZCCART the First 25 Years
  • 2011: Volume 24, Issues 1-4

    Volume 24, Issue 1

    • Review of the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
    • Student Essay: Animal-Based Research in New Zealand

    Volume 24, Issue 2

    • ANZCCART Honours Lifetime Achievements
    • AEC Member of the Year for 2011
    • Student Essay: In Vivo to In Vitro. The Future of Animal-Based Research in New Zealand

    Volume 24, Issue 3

    • ANZCCART Conference 2011 Report
    • Developing Alternatives
    • Reduction of Animal Use in Teaching Despite Increasing Class Size

    Volume 24, Issue 4

    • Disaster Management in Animal Facilities
  • 2010: Volume 23, Issues 1-2

    Volume 23, Issue 1

    • Reducing the need for animal use for scientific purposes: replacing antibodies with aptamers
    • Omelas revisited: the terrible paradox of animal suffering

    Volume 23, Issue 2

    • ANZCCART Awards:
      • Honorary Life Memberships
      • AEC Member of the Year
    • Report on the 2010 ANZCCART Conference
  • 2009: Volume 22, Issue 1

    Volume 22, Issue 1

    • 2009 - A Year of Animal Welfare Milestones
    • In Memorium - Dr John Barnett
    • Animals Used for Research and Teaching. A Category D Perspective, or Ds Matter a Lot
    • Regulation of animal use in research, testing and teaching in New Zealand - the black, the white and the grey
  • 2008: Volume 21, Issues 1-2

    Volume 21, Issue 1

    • Infrared thermography and heart rate variability for non-invasive assessment of animal welfare
    • Guidelines to promote the wellbeing of animals used for scientific purposes: The assessment and alleviation of pain and distress in research animals
    • AAWS 2008 International Animal Welfare Conference

    Volume 21, Issue 2

    • AAWS Comes of Age
    • NHMRC Animal Welfare Guidelines to Promote the Wellbeing of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes
    • 2008 ANZCCART Conference: The media gets it wrong again
    • New and improved research technologies in animal research
    • Animal Care Technician's Award, New Zealand
  • 2007: Volume 20, Issues 1-2

    Volume 20, Issue 1

    • ANZCCART's 20th Anniversary
    • Australia and United Kingdom agree to cooperate on veterinary medicines regulations
    • Managing a Colony of Spiny Mice (Acomys cahirinus) for Perinatal Research

    Volume 20, Issue 2

    • Report on the ANZCCART Conference 2007
    • Recent actions arising from the 2003 ANZCCART New Zealand Conference
  • 2006: Volume 19, Issues 1-2

    Volume 19, Issue 1

    • The Regulatory Framework for Reviewing External Proposals Submitted to an Animal Ethics Committee
    • Revision of the ANZCCART Publication "Euthanasia of Animals used for Scientific Purposes"
    • Strategic Review of ANZCCART and our Role
    • AAWS Update

    Volume 19, Issue 2

    • Report of the International Consensus Meeting on Carbon Dioxide Euthanasia of Laboratory Animals
    • Conflict of Interest and Independence: A Reminder
    • European Union approves new alternatives to animal testing of drugs and chemicals
  • 2005: Volume 18, Issues 1-2

    Volume 18, Issue 1

    • Why [some philosophers think] using animals in scientific research is seriously wrong
    • Introduction to the Politics of Animal Protection
    • So what exactly is "Animal Rights"

    Volume 18, Issue 2

    • The Australian Welfare Strategy
    • Changes in the Board of ANZCCART
    • Report on the ANZCCART Conference 2005
    • Changes to the Use of Animals for Teaching Scientific Concepts in Victorian Schools
  • 2004: Volume 17, Issues 1-3

    Volume 17, Issue 1

    Volume 17, Issue 2

    • The use of animals for scientific purposes - the Queensland perspective.
    • Animal replacement and pain minimisation.
    • The medical relevance of using particular species in disease models - lessons from fetal sheep studies down under.
    • Moving towards a national legislative approach to animal welfare.

    Volume 17, Issue 3

    • How humane is induction with common agents of anaesthesia and euthanasia in laboratory rodents?
    • Cleverness and consciousness in animals: pronghorns and fiddler crabs.
    • Recent advances in anaesthesia in guinea pigs.
    • Can big physics help save animals?
  • 2003: Volume 16, Issues 1-3

    Volume 16, Issue 1

    • Ethical decisions- responsibilities and outcomes
    • Functional and Chemical Genomics in the Zebrafish.

    Volume 16, Issue 2

    • Welfare considerations in aquatic animals.
    • Animal welfare in Western Australia.
    • Morality and animal research.
    • Monitoring the Fate of Wild, Native Bird Populations: 'Invasive' versus Non-invasive Techniques
    • The Effects of History and Habitat on the Genetic and Relatedness Structure of the Southern Hairy-nosed Wombat, Lasiorhinus latifrons

    Volume 16, Issue 3

    • Meeting community expectations for animal-based science: an Australian perspective
    • Towards humane vertebrate pest control.
    • Animal research in Tasmania
    • Compliance issues: Compliance with the legislation governing the care and use of animals in research and teaching
    • High tech animal facility provides ideal environment
  • 2002: Volume 15, Issues 1-3

    Volume 15, Issue 1

    • Ethical issues relating to transgenic animal production
    • Welfare audits for farm animals and implications for transgenic animals
    • Animal use in veterinary science teaching
    • Queensland’s new Animal Welfare and Protection Act
    • Learning, animals and the environment changing the face of the future

    Volume 15, Issue 2

    • Respect for animals through the eyes of a molecular evolutionist
    • The moral status of animals
    • Animal welfare in institutions of teaching and research: where have we come from and where are the goal posts now?
    • Research priority areas for the Alternative Sustainable Swine Production Program

    Volume 15, Issue 3

    • Conflicts of interest affecting the role of veterinarians in animal welfare
    • From menagerie to conservation centre - the changing role of zoos in world-wide conservation programs
    • Use of pouch young removal and cross-fostering techniques to accelerate breeding and recruitment in the threatened Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby, Petrogale penicillata
  • 2001: Volume 14, Issues 1-4

    Volume 14, Issue 1

    • The culture and agriculture of animal production
    • Experimental research with laboratory animals: one sex or both?
    • Review of issues relating to animals in health research
    • Factors contributing to the acceptance of biotechnology

    Volume 14, Issue 2

    • The sheep-an ideal model for biomedical research?
    • The current status of alternatives to animal experiments in China

    Volume 14, Issue 3

    • Marsupials as models for biomedical research
    • Sustainability and animal welfare with reference to developments in poultry welfare
    • New Zealand Royal Commission on genetic modification

    Volume 14, Issue 4

  • 2000: Volume 13, Issues 1-4

    Volume 13, Issue 1

    • Dr Michael Festing to lead workshops this year in Australia and New Zealand
    • Animal welfare legislation in Australia for the future - what scope is there for a national approach?
    • Changes to animal welfare legislation around Australia

    Volume 13, Issue 2

    Volume 13, Issue 3

    Volume 13, Issue 4

    • Zebrafish - Do we need another vertebrate model?
    • Research using nonhuman primates: Only Two Rs?
    • Comments on the introduction of wild caught animals to the laboratory
    • Should an animal welfare officer be a veterinarian?
  • 1999: Volume 12, Issues 1-4

    Volume 12, Issue 1

    Volume 12, Issue 2

    Volume 12, Issue 3

    • Third World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences
    • DNA sequence similarity: where is the baseline?
    • Humanity and the great apes
    • Xenotransplantation
    • Ethical and welfare aspects of transgenic animals.

    Volume 12, Issue 4

  • 1998: Volume 11, Issues 1-4

    Volume 11, Issue 1 - incomplete

    • Promoting awareness of the Three Rs
    • Can animals behave irrationally?
    • Numbers used for animal experimentation in Australia and New Zealand

    Volume 11, Issue 2

    • Fact Sheet: The Importance of Non-statistical Design in Refining Animal Experimentation
    • How many animals?
    • Animal replacement and reduction: multimedia teaching aids in behavioural pharmacology
    • The current legal status of animal experimentation in Israel

    Volume 11, Issue 3

    • Fact Sheet: Occupational Health and Safety in the Animal House and Associated Laboratory Facilities
    • Transgenesis and animals in research - an overview of animal welfare considerations
    • Regulation of animal use in research, testing and teaching in New Zealand
    • Animal groups put the Australian research community 'on notice' over AEC performance
    • The Boyd Group

    Volume 11, Issue 4

    • Chytridiomycosis - a new disease of amphibians
    • Xenotransplantation
    • Two Massey University's initiatives to promote Animal Welfare
  • 1997: Volume 10, Issues 1-4

    Volume 10, Issue 1

    • Facts sheet on The Dog
    • Review of the Australian Code of Practice for the Care and Use of Animals for Scientific Purposes
    • The value of AECs
    • The functioning of a busy NZ AEC

    Volume 10, Issue 2

    • The use of pigs for research with examples of research on housing and handling
    • An improved method for housing laboratory frogs and toads using a miniature ecosystem
    • Modular bioreactors as an alternative to ascitic fluid production of monoclonal antibodies

    Volume 10, Issue 3

    Volume 10, Issue 4

    • ANZCCART - The First 10 years
    • USA Animal Welfare Centre
    • The establishment of a new Animal Welfare Centre in Melbourne
    • Animal Welfare in New Zealand - Concepts, Committees, Consultation and Codes of Practice
    • Professor David Morton visits Australia
    • Survey of New Zealand Animal Ethics Committees
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