2021 ANZCCART Conference "Openness in Animal Research"

ANZCCART 2021 Conference, Queenstown NZ, 25-28 July 2021*

As before, the conference theme will be "Openness in Animal Research" with a range of related topics, including:

  • Engaging stories about research openness through different eyes (e.g. as a technician or research assistant; an Animal Ethics Committee member; a researcher; an institution; the media; the public.
  • Thoughts about openness in animal research from different perspectives (e.g. different cultural perspectives; openness about animal research with colleagues/family; benefits or risks of openness, psychology, sociology, law, or ethics of openness).
  • Research openness in practice (e.g. examples of what has worked; what hasn’t; lessons learnt).
  • Openness to new approaches (e.g. through the 3Rs; use of research registers).

* Please note that the date of the Conference is subject to COVID-19 restrictions and this will be updated as information becomes available.  


ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award 2020

Nominations for both the Australian and the New Zealand ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award have now closed.

More information on the Australian award and the New Zealand award.

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