2021 ANZCCART Conference "Openness in Animal Research"

ANZCCART 2021 Conference, Queenstown NZ, 25-27 July 2021


Join us in Queenstown.

Early bird registrations for the 2021 ANZCCART conference are now open. With increasing interest in ‘openness’ in animal research and teaching, this year’s conference will explore the benefits and risks of openness in regards to the use of animals in Australian and New Zealand research. A draft programme for the conference is available here.
To gain a broader perspective on how openness looks in practise, presentations will examine overseas examples, both success stories and failures, and learn from different cultural viewpoints. Conference delegates will also be offered a free Science Media Centre Savvy Express 15-minute media training session, offering one-on-one training for researchers, technicians or AEC members to practice speaking about their work for a general audience. There will also be a free workshop run by the Executive Director of the European Animal Research Association. This will provide additional training for researchers, technicians or AEC members to communicate their work.
There will be a range of registration options available, including student/technician/external AEC member discounts, as well as on-line only participation options for those not able to attend in person.

If you have any questions, please contact the conference organisers at anzccart@royalsociety.org.nz

Please Note: On 19 April 2021, the two-way Trans-Tasman bubble opens and major airlines will be operating direct flights between cities in New Zealand and Australia.  Check the relevant websites for more information.

ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award 2020

Nominations for both the Australian and the New Zealand ANZCCART AEC Member of the Year Award have now closed.

More information on the Australian award and the New Zealand award.

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