Public Consultation for an Australian Openness Agreement on Animal Research

What is an openness agreement?

An openness agreement is a voluntary pledge that can be signed by organisations wishing to demonstrate commitment to greater transparency in their use of animals for research or teaching.

The first openness agreement was launched by the UK in 2014 and sets out four specific commitments. Since then, New Zealand and several countries in Europe have launched openness agreements based on similar commitments to those in the UK.

A proposed Openness Agreement for Australia

A working group convened by ANZCCART has prepared a draft openness agreement for Australia.

The draft sets out four commitments similar to those in other countries and also provides specific context relating to the use of animals in research and teaching in Australia.

A copy of the Draft Australian Openness Agreement may be downloaded. As is the case with other openness agreements, institutions signing the Australian openness agreement would be required to submit an annual report using a simple template. A draft copy of the reporting template is available here.

Public consultation

Feedback on the draft Australian Openness Agreement is now being sought though a public consultation process. Any organisation or individual is welcome to provide feedback on the draft agreement through this process.

The procedure for providing feedback is as follows:

  1. Feedback must be submitted using the consultation feedback template or via the below online feedback form.
  2. Please include a contact name – submissions will not be made public but please note that anonymous submissions will not be considered.
  3. Submit your feedback by email to with the words “Openness Agreement” in the subject line.
  4. The closing date for feedback is Monday 21 March 2022.