An Australian Openness Agreement on Animal Research

What is an openness agreement?

An openness agreement is a voluntary pledge that can be signed by organisations wishing to demonstrate commitment to greater transparency in their use of animals for research or teaching.

The first openness agreement was launched by the UK in 2014 and sets out four specific commitments. Since then, New Zealand and several countries in Europe have launched openness agreements based on similar commitments to those in the UK.

A proposed Openness Agreement for Australia

ANZCCART has convened a working group to develop an Openness Agreement for Australia.  Membership of the working group includes representatives from peak bodies in the university and medical research community, funding bodies, professional associations in the research sector and animal protection organisations.

A draft Openness Agreement prepared by the working group was circulated for public consultation in early 2022.  This draft set out four commitments similar to those in other countries and also provides specific context relating to the use of animals in research and teaching in Australia.

A draft reporting template for institutions signing the proposed Openness Agreement was also circulated.

The working group is currently considering feedback from the public consultation and will be contacting stakeholders in the near future.